The misaligned

The monkey that little voice in your head…….Some people think that they cannot control their Monkey and that Monkeys are only there to hinder and reduce your focus and break your attention.

This means that:

Monkeys have to be put up with 

Monkeys keep you busy on the things that don’t seem to matter to you 

Monkeys pull you away from your chosen focus and your attention slips

When Attention slips you are:

  • Unable to see things through
  • Unable to stick to the things you think you want
  • Unable to think things through
  • Unable to see things through
  • Unable to formulate a plan that matters or unable to follow it through

We are told Monkeys must be ignored 

Ask any meditator Ignoring Monkeys doesn’t work

But there is another way

  • You can alter the way you work with your Monkey
  • It’s possible to work together rather than against each other 
  • You can learn how to do this

A new more effective internal world 

  • Pay attention
  • Keep your Focus
  • Work in a new way with clear direction and an understanding of how the world works for you.
  • Less Distraction
  • More peace, confidence and belief
  • Harness the power of a workaholic team player who is there to help 

Tangible change Real improvements 

Systematically use this relationship to progress a better more sustainable performance in any aspect of your endeavours.

Use it for:

  • Meditation experience
  • Goal achievement
  • Balance
  • Peace 

To find how to build a better relationship with your Monkey Here