Members area

Sign up join or even buy membership

Contains forum type chat and compare area for members / participants to talk about their monkey partnership experiences

Place for us to comment answer questions and post videos Audio and links we think will help

Access to special posts not available elsewhere

Requirements draft list for members area :

Each type of membership site requires a specific set of features to get the job done.

Let’s take a look at the most common types of membership sites:

Online courses/eCourses that include interactive projects, documents such as PDFs, and video content
Service-based memberships that require customers to pay for access to services you provide, such as coaching or consulting on a tiered basis of access like exposure / sales Ninja !!!
An all-in-one site that gives paying customers access to everything for a monthly subscription
Online communities that have forums, live chats, articles to read, and other resources that aren’t available to unregistered users
Product-based memberships where physical or digital products are sent to members on a recurring basis
Fixed-term memberships where members have access to locked content for a set amount of time
Drip feed models where locked content is revealed as members progress through a program