Start with the end in mind

“Start with the end in mind” is a well used phrase for those chasing and teaching success. Like all of these ideas it will only work for you if its consistent with your Personal Paradigm. Let’s have a look at what this one entails and the significance for you personal Paradigm before you decide to work with it or not.

How do you decide what to do today or this week or this year?

Do you wait to see what happens and act to it ?

Thats one way of doing things and it works for some……..

Those who like the idea of starting with the end in mind believe

they can change the future, influence shape or even create it

and they would rather influence what will be rather than leave it to what they see as ‘chance’.

They think it’s worth investing some time and effort today to make tomorrow different.

Compare this with someone whose Paradigm states that they are Guided, protected , Cared for by a benevolent universe or God, these guys will not need to shape anything perhaps believing that whatever comes is appropriate lessons they must learn.

These are all elements that differentiate one individual’s Personal Paradigm from another

If your Paradigm suggest you want to influence your future and that you can influence your future, that you being in charge and responsible is your way then a good place to start is to work out what you want the future to be like or look like.

So those who work like this start out by thinking through what they want it to be like and set this as an end point.

They establish an end that they want and then they do and think the things that they believe will make this future more likely.

Having an end in mind and believing what you do will either make this happen or not is a way to inform all your choices and decisions.

Including this in a Personal Paradigm works for some

If my end in mind is to be thinner

The choice of eating two muffins or one became much more straight forward.

Its relatively easy to do with simple things.

I want to be richer next year. I want my net worth to increase. There fore I must spend less earn omoreor both.

This process is not so easy when it’s not so obvious what the cause and effects are or how they interact.

So some peopler with both approaches in their paradigm using a cause and effect I will do this so I get that approach on simple things and a more laid back

I will gently nudge in this direction for those things that seem less predictable.

This means their Personal Paradigm includes a moment when they decide which applies this instance.

If you believe you are in control or conversely you are not in control and this later proves too have been wrong your paradigm has let you down.